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As part of the new “Commitment to the Future” Campaign, we are excited to present the following three drawings as a vision of what Congregation Ahavas Yisrael could look like in the future. These include an architect’s rendering, a site plan of the combined properties (1587 Route 27 and 9 Campbell Avenue), and a new floorplan of the building with a proposed addition. These are simply a vision, are subject to change, and are by no means final. If you would like to be involved in the future of AY, please speak to any of the committee members listed below:

Rabbi Daniel Davis

Jeff Borell

Bruce Jacobi

Avi Milgraum

David Zelingher

Send an email:

Exterior Concept Rendering

Combined Siteplan

Interior Floorplan

Details about the drawings:

- The basic concept is to create a new entrance in the rear (or left side) of the synagogue site.  This also allows an open space in front of the entrance rather than entering the building between two parked cars.

- MIKVEH: If feasible, a future below-ground Mikveh is indicated on the site plan with a discrete entrance.

- SIMCHA HALL: A future above-ground simcha hall is indicated on the site plan with an entrance from the main lobby.

- PARKING: Added parking is provided included handicapped spaces as required by Code.

- TOILETS: The toilets are increased in keeping with the number of occupants of the building.  We have provided a changing table for infants in the Women's restroom.

- LOBBY:  The lobby will be used as a space for Kiddush until the simcha hall is completed. The second playroom behind the lobby has pocket doors which can be slid open further expanding the lobby area for congregational events.

- KITCHEN:  We have added a small kitchen.

- RITUAL SINK: Included in the lobby.

- PLAYGROUND: The children can go from the playroom out the back of the building directly to the playground.

- STROLLERS:  We have provided a separate space for strollers.  This room can also accommodate coats and other storage.

- FRONT ELEVATION:  We have shown an architectural pediment on the front elevation.  This may only extend back about 4 to 8 feet.  We felt it was important to provide a distinctive new image for the congregation rather than that of a small maintenance building.

- SANCTUARY WINDOWS:  Some of the windows may be stained glass in the sanctuary.

- NEW WINDOWS:  High windows may be added to the women's area and the playrooms.

- TREES:  There are overgrown trees around the synagogue that may be removed. Some additional site landscaping work is required and may be part of the project.

- NOTE:  For those not familiar with reading architectural plans, the dotted lines on the floor plan represents existing walls and doors that will be removed with the renovation.

Tue, May 28 2024 20 Iyyar 5784