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Our minyan was founded in 1988 and over the years the minyan has grown and flourished as new families have moved into the neighborhood. However, we remain committed to the values that motivated the founders of the minyan. We have always taken pride in our serious attitude towards our Tefillah, our unity and dedication to achdus among the families in our neighborhood, our strong commitment to Torah learning and our support for Eretz Yisrael.

Our davening is characterized by a strong focus and concentration towards the Ribono Shel Olam. We instill in our children the seriousness of our prayer service, and actively encourage our teenagers to participate in leading the service and learning to be a Shaliach Tzibur. We teach by model, and show our children by example that standing before Hashem in prayer is a service of both love and reverence. We enjoy a quiet service, with a moderate pace. Our prayers are not hurried or raced through, and we maintain a quiet decorum throughout the davening.

 Another guiding characteristic of the community is our dedication to achdus and looking out for the needs of each family. We celebrate semachot together, and we support each other in time of need, illness and loss. We are sensitive to the feelings of each of our members, and go out of our way to extend a helping hand of chesed in any way possible. We have always been proud of the chesed within our neighborhood, and dedicate ourselves to role model behavior in this area.

Torah study is another fundamental aspect of our neighborhood community. We have long taken pride in the deep devotion and dedication to all aspects of Torah study within our neighborhood. We support various shiurim and study sessions, and promote the study of Torah as a primary expression of our religious experience. Our children are taught from an early age the value of Torah study, and participate in our Torah sessions.

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